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Features for Professional and Trade Associations

Contact Log / CRM Module
This optional module allows admins to track every contact with members and non-members, including emails, phone calls, faxes, letters, meetings, etc. For each contact, you can manage a followup date, category, description, status, responsible staff person, and priority. Reports and exports make it easy to manage this data.

Jobs Board
This module allows professional and trade associations to post available jobs that members (and optionally non-members) can view. The system allows members only to post jobs that may or may not immediately become visible. There may be a fee to post a job and jobs will be visible for a defined period of time, with the option to renew a listing. The module does not currently support non-members directly posting jobs.

Continuing Education and Certification 
The Continuing Education and Certification module allows professional associations to track the different ways in which members (and, optionally, non-members) can maintain certifications by earning CE credits/units/points. The module begins by defining one or more certifications and the units necessary to earn and maintain a certification. You can define fees for exams, renewals, study materials, and classes. You can also define the length of time a certification is valid before it needs to be renewed. Then you define the different ways in which members can earn units/credits/points, including attending classes, working in their professional field, writing papers or books, presenting at conferences, volunteering on association committees, etc.

Once the module is configured, members sign up for certifications. They can enter their professional activities in the various categories for review by the association. Supporting documentation can also be uploaded. Once a sufficient number of units/credits/points have been earned, the certificate is awarded or renewed and can even be printed from within the software.

The module provides a full suite of tools to allow administrators to review and approve certifications and print certificates, welcome letters, and mailing packets. It also provides a full suite to tools to allow administrators to review and approve continuing education credits/units/points. These can be earned in different ways, including through the attendance of pre-approved classes.

Online Professional Development
The Online Professional Development Institute (OPDI) module was developed for an association that offered its own online courses, to allow members to earn continuing education units (CEUs) and points towards a certificate. Students can take a variety of courses in different tracks, focused on different knowledge domains and based on their individual career goals. Courses are presented online using the Sakai Learning Management System (LMS), an open-source platform that is one of the most respected ones available. This module interfaces with an instance of Sakai managed by the LAMP Consortium (

Please note that activating these modules requires an additional one-time setup fee.

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