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About ClubExpress

About ClubExpress
ClubExpress was developed by Gembrook Systems, LLC, a software development firm based in Schaumburg, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. We're a group of club and association veterans; we've been involved in car clubs, computer clubs, community service clubs, entrepreneurial groups, and various outdoor clubs for many years, both as members and as officers.
We've also been software developers for more than 25 years, and have worked with the Internet and web-based technologies since the earliest days. Our founders have developed some of the most sophisticated Internet applications ever deployed. We've also enveloped custom membership databases for a number of membership-based organizations. So we know what clubs and associations need.

Our Mission
As club administrators, you know that one of the toughest problems facing any club, large or small, is finding enough volunteers to run the club and organize activities. Being the one who does the work behind the scenes can be a thankless task and with our increasingly busy lives, our hobbies, professional interests, community service activities, and kids' activities sometimes get pushed aside.
But we also know that these passions and community involvements help keep us sane. They enrich our family lives and networks of friends by allowing us to share activities together. They enrich our communities through charitable and education programs and through a web of connections to club in other communities. They foster an appreciation of the natural environment and of our history and cultural heritage. They strengthen our professional networks and help us to improve our careers. Our clubs and associations and community organizations are an integral part of America and a free society.
Our mission is to take the drudgery out of running and growing a club or association. Using the powerful technologies of the Internet, we make it as easy as possible to create, manage and sustain a strong, vibrant club, one that people join because it's fun, because it helps them, and because it adds to their communities.
Our objective is to earn your business by earning your trust and by demonstrating extraordinary customer service. We will price our products and services reasonably for non-profit organizations, so that the officers of a club or association, no matter how small or how little they charge, will see ClubExpress as a good choice to help sustain and grow their club.

Dan Ehrmann
Dan has 30 years of experience developing custom software solutions designed to fit client needs. ClubExpress is his four startup venture; of the previous three, one was successful and two were not (and he learned as much from the latter as from the former!) Dan previously served as Managing Partner of the Chicago office of USWeb, and as founder and President of Kallista, Inc., a custom application development firm that he ran for 11 years before selling it to USWeb. During his career, Dan has spoken at more than 30 software conferences in 10 countries. He is the author of two books and over 100 articles on database programming topics. Dan was formerly an Adjunct Professor at DePaul University in Chicago, teaching graduate classes. He is also a past-president of the Chicago Computer Society and a Chicago car club. Dan is married with three children.

Ray Novak
Ray brings over 25 years of technology leadership to ClubExpress. He is experienced at designing and building large scale software systems with multi-tier architectures and web components. Ray has worked as a senior technologist for Kallista, USWeb/CKS, marchFIRST, and Networks Inc., managing large teams of professionals for clients such as Walgreens, Ace Hardware, DePaul University and Midas Muffler. Ray is married with a child.

Dan Minds
Dan has 30 years experience designing and developing software solutions in industries such as education, healthcare, automotive, retail, and office/home automation.  Prior to joining ClubExpress, he was head of application development at Arial Group LLC, and Director of Software Development at Enterprise Systems (now part of McKesson.) Dan is active in a number of organizations within his community.. Dan is married and has two children.