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Features - Money

Online and Offline Payments
ClubExpress fully supports online credit card payments for memberships, event registrations, donations, storefront purchases and misc. charges. There is a built-in merchant account or you can use your own merchant account. ClubExpress also supports printing an invoice to mail a check, and allowing admins to record check and cash payments.

Integration with your Bank Account(s)
ClubExpress fully integrates with one or more club or chapter bank accounts, allowing us to remit funds collected through the website directly to you, automatically every 10 days. Credit card processing fees and our monthly hosting fees are also collected through this interface. For multi-tier clubs, ClubExpress can even distribute funds into chapter bank accounts automatically.

Transaction and Payment/Credit History
Behind the scenes, ClubExpress manages transactions and payments using proper accounting principles. The system supports multiple payment types, partial payments, credits, and financial accounting. Members and admins can view a complete history of all transactions, payments and credits.

Integration with QuickBooks
ClubExpress is not a full accounting system for your club or association. But we optionally integrate with QuickBooks so that transactions, payments, credits, fees and "customers" can be exported from the system and imported directly into your QuickBooks database. (Note: an additional one-time fee applies to this option.)

ClubExpress allows you to create multiple funds into which members and non-members can make donations. The system also supports matching corporate donations and tracking non-cash donations.

Reports and Data Exports
ClubExpress provides an extensive range of financial reports and data exports, each with many filtering and output options.

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