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Features - Communications

ClubExpress provides powerful support for blast emails to members and non-members. You can create complex distribution lists based on the member and non-member databases, then save them for later reuse. The system supports fully formatted emails, including embedded links, images, and attachments, and saved templates that you can customize at any time, test emails to oneself, tracking who opens the email, and comprehensive bad email handling.

Discussion Forums
ClubExpress supports a powerful discussion forums module, allowing you to create any number of online or email-based forums (aka listservers). Each forum has full control over membership (all members, opt-in, linked to a committee, or interest group, or chapter, or member type, etc.) Forum messages are organized into threads, and support attachments, embedded photos, links, and full formatting. Forums also include a powerful search function, a full suite of forum configuration tools as well as thread and message management tools.

ClubExpress allows clubs to create any number of blogs that are managed by a knowledgeable member, with full support for formatting, links, embedded photos and videos, comments and other common blogging features.

ClubExpress includes a surveys function that supports multi-page, multi-question surveys. Each answer can be in one of 16 different formats. The surveys function has special options to allow a survey to be used for club elections. The system also supports Quick Polls, one question only with the answers immediately visible.


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