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Chapters, Districts and Regions
ClubExpress provides powerful support for multi-tier clubs with chapters, districts and regions. We support two separate models that reflect the different ways in which multi-tier clubs are organized.

Model 1: One Website
In the first model, there is one website belonging to the top-level club. Members join at the top level and are then assigned to one or more chapters. The hierarchy can have up to three levels below the parent club: chapters grouped into districts, which in turn can be grouped into regions. The website and database belong to the parent club which manages and controls the subgroups directly.

In this model the parent club defines member types and dues, including chapter, district and region dues. You also have full control over how many chapters you can join. Each subgroup can have its own bank account and ClubExpress can automatically distribute fees collected for each subgroup into its account. You can have subgroup administrators who can define events, committees, document libraries, web pages and discussion forums just for the members of that subgroup; they can also run reports and send emails only to the subgroups they manage. 

Model 2: Mutiple Websites
In this model, the local clubs are independent and each has its own website and database. Members join at the local club level and each club is responsible for defining member types and dues. Members login to that website to update their profile, participate in discussion forums, register for events, make payments, etc.

But these individual clubs may also be part of a larger organization, serving in a "parent" role, aggregating members, events, discussions, etc. This parent organization will have its own website and members of the individual clubs can also login to this website to perform the same activities described above at the higher level. The large organization has a virtual database. Administrators at this level can view member contact information, define committees, discussion forums, share events, share the member directory, etc. Every club can use the same template to reinforce a common brand and identity across the whole organization. This template can have a panel that's controlled by the parent club but visible on the websites of each local club.

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