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Administrator Email - 9/21/2020 - Announcing

Version 60 for Villages

We're pleased to announce RunMyVillage Version 60, powered by ClubExpress. This release is in conjunction with the separate announcement of version 60 for all ClubExpress customers. For more information on what's in that release, click here.

This release adds many of the enhancements requested by villages in the survey conducted by the RMV Village Users Group, earlier this summer. We've also added a couple of features not on the survey that we think you will appreciate.

Webinar for Villages

We will hold a webinar this coming Thursday, September 24th, to demonstrate the new Village features in version 10.0.
Time: 3:00 PM Eastern, 2:00 PM Central, 1:00 PM Mountain, 12:00 Noon Pacific.
For more information, click here.

In this issue:

Emailing Open Service Requests

(Note that this feature is in final testing and will be deployed next week.)

This new feature in the Member Services module enables service providers to receive, and optionally sign up for service requests by email. When it's enabled, service providers will receive a daily or weekly email containing a list of all open Home and Transportation Service Requests. Village staff members have full control over the service categories, service providers, frequency, and what actions providers may take regarding service requests in this email.

Village admins determine which service categories are enabled for automated open requests. Next, the admin sets up a customized email that is sent on a periodic basic (daily, weekly, or periodically), and can further specify what each provider type (member volunteer, non-member volunteer, contractor) has rights to do:
  • No action
  • Receive email only
  • Receive email with ability to sign up pending approval
  • Receive email with ability to sign up immediately
If the "Pending Approval" option is selected, the provider clicks a link to submit a request, and the village staff member can approve or reject the request from the Open Requests Review screen. If the "Sign Up Immediately" option is selected, the provider clicks a link that will immediately sign that person up as the service provider for that request.

A new option on the Service Categories screen allows Villages to specify which categories are included in this emailing. There are also new options on the Service Options screen to control how this feature behaves, including Emailing Frequency, Member Volunteers Option, Non-Member Volunteers Option, and Contractors Option.

Other Enhancements

  • Service requests can now be flagged as "High Priority". And in the Member Services Manager, you can now filter by High Priority requests.
  • A number of screens were updated with the new standard Search panel and action buttons, including:
    • Open Providers Page
    • Standard Destinations
    • Services Admin Page
  • Standard Destinations can now be filtered by name and/or status (active/inactive/both).
  • Mailing address has been added to the Additional Contacts export.
  • Service Provider now displays in a column on the Committed Requests tab of the VSS.
  • When a Service Request without a date is saved and the "Date/Time Flexible" flag is not set, there is a new popup message to allow the person doing the entry confirm that this was intended as undated. If confirmed, the "Date/Time Flexible" flag to Yes.
  • Paging has been added to the Services admin screen.




Bug Fixes

The following bug was fixed since our last version announcement:
  • Clicking one of the four request type buttons in the Member Services Manager was generating an Error Loading Page if the relevant service category did not exist. Now, the system will display a message to indicate that these need to be set up.

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