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Alan Z. - An Introduction
By Alan Zenreich
Posted: 2017-08-25T14:05:00Z

Greetings one and all.

My name is Alan Zenreich, but most folks just call me Alan Z.

I was briefly introduced to some of you during our first Webinar (an overview of version 7.4), so now it's time for a little more information about what I do for ClubExpress.

I recently joined ClubExpress after spending the last 11 years administering the EMC (now Dell EMC) community network. I’ve worked with hundreds of community managers to better serve hundreds of thousands of community members.

My role at ClubExpress is Chief Evangelist, and among my responsibilities are:

• Be a voice (both figuratively and often literally) for ClubExpress
• Help club members and administrators leverage great features of the ClubExpress platform, and introduce new features as they come online
• Update and expand the wide range of video tutorials
• Promote webinars and other live events  (You can view recorded webinars and videos on the ClubExpress Resources page )
• Expand ClubExpress' social media presence
• Be an active participant in the ClubExpress Administrators' Discussion Forum

I am new to the platform, and have been exploring by creating a club site based on my local community theater.   So I will be asking lots of questions, and expect to have interesting and productive discussions because YOU are the world’s foremost authorities on how YOU are using ClubExpress.

This is a community of communities! Let’s share our successes, approaches, and stumbling… so we can all benefit from the collective wisdom of ClubExpress members.

By the way, it’s not all about work.   In my previous role, most community members were dumped into the community because of their job. They needed to find out how to do (or fix) something, usually urgently.

With ClubExpress members, things appear to be a little different. Many of us join our clubs and organizations because we are enthusiasts. We like our clubs… it’s not just a job.

I am active in many enthusiast groups. I have WAY too many interests, each competing for hours in the day, and brain cells. These include, woodturning, 3D printing, maker spaces, community theater, photography, videography, live streaming, motorcycling… the list goes on and on.

Enthusiasts are generally folks willing to share, teach, mentor, and have a good time doing it.  So I look forward to sharing what I learn with fellow club members and community administrators, and hope you will do the same.

Alan Z.

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