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What is it?

On December 8, 2021 ClubExpress will launch the "ClubExpress Bootcamp". ClubExpress Bootcamp is a one-day training event designed to give your club officers and volunteers all the information they need to fulfill their duties within your organization.

Officers will learn about the most important features for their job in our Roles track. With sessions for your President, Membership Director, Treasurer and more, your core group can hit the ground running as soon as they take office.

Both officers and volunteers will also learn about the basic functions and modules in our Back to Basics track. These are some of our most popular features used and managed by multiple people in your organization and the most important functions you’ll need to get started, like managing your club contacts and setting up roles, and managing subgroups.

We’ll even cover advanced topics in our ClubExpress Wizards track, like blast emailing techniques, and tips to create great web pages and run more robust reports.

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Who should attend?

ClubExpress Bootcamp is a great way to train all your incoming club officers and new volunteers at one time and ensure they have the resources they need to hit the ground running when they take office. By purchasing access to the Bootcamp you’ll also get access to the recorded sessions, so all your current and future administrators and coordinators can refresh their skills at any time.

The Bootcamp is also helpful for existing officers who never received training and want to learn new skills, or learn more about the modules and features they use every day in our ClubExpress Wizards track.

What does it cost?

It’s $199 to attend the Bootcamp, per club. That means every administrator and coordinator in your club can attend as many sessions as they’d like for just one fee. In addition to live sessions you’ll get access to the recordings through your own website. Why does that matter? It means that every administrator and coordinator you assign in the future can access all the great Bootcamp content whenever they want.

Will I be able to ask questions?

Of course! Just like our ClubExpress Webinars, we’ll have a team member available to answer all your questions in the chat. We’ll also leave time for questions at the end of each session.

What's with the Open House?

We’ll have some closing remarks, but we also want to get to know you! Stop by our Open House at the end of the day to meet our team members and each other in a virtual setting. It’s a great way to share ideas and unwind. After all that learning, you’ll deserve it!

How Do I Register?

You’ll register through the Support Tab on your website. Select Register to confirm the fee and register for the Bootcamp. The fee will be charged to your club’s bank account. Remember, all of your administrators and coordinators will have access to all sessions. The Support Tab is also where you can view the schedule, access the session links the day of the Bootcamp, and the recordings after it has concluded.

At this time, the Bootcamp is only available to active clubs.

Meet Your Hosts

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Chief Design Officer
Director of Customer Success
Training Engineer
Director of Education

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