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Monthly Hosting Fee

Don’t be fooled by misleading pricing comparisons on competitor websites!

They charge for every contact in your database. ClubExpress only charges for active members; there is no charge for expired members and non-member contacts. We also don’t charge for family members who don’t need to login.

And our fees include unlimited telephone and email support. None of our competitors offer this!

What We Don't Charge For...

Website Hosting
It's included!
Disk space
Your web site can be as large as you need.
Photos & Documents
Upload as many high-res photos on your site as you want. Documents and videos also.
Technical Support
ClubExpress includes unlimited toll-free support!
The non-member mailing list
As long as it's reasonably in proportion to the size of the active primary member database. (Our cut-off is 5X. For example, if you have 200 active primary members, you can have up 1000 entries in your non-member database without a charge. Over that amount and we charge $0.02 per month for the overage only.)
Internet traffic (bandwidth)
Make your web site as busy as you want.
Send as many emails to members and non-members as you want.
Expired members
Their information stays in the database in case they renew.
There are no limits to the number of people with administrator or coordinator rights.

Monthly Hosting Fee - Additional Notes

Our Competition
When you compare providers, ask if they include expired members and non-members in their database counts to determine rates.
No Login, No Charge
With ClubExpress, only active members who need the ability to login are counted! ClubExpress does not charge for members who do not need the ability to login to the website (for example, children in a family membership.)
No Long-Term Contract
With ClubExpress, there is no long-term contract. Our Subscription Agreement is month-to-month!
Minimum Monthly Fee
There is a minimum monthly fee of $30.

One-Time Setup Fee

All ClubExpress websites and databases include the same set of features, the same modules, unlimited custom web pages, documents, and photos, unlimited blast emails, and unlimited support. The Setup plans described below differ only in the services we provide during the setup process.

Basic Setup - $150
For clubs and associations with the resources and expertise to build and configure the website and databases on their own. (No programming experience required.)
Learn More
  • Import the member and non-member databases*
  • Support during the setup process
Basic setup provides access to all ClubExpress features, including unlimited custom web pages and photo albums, and more than 20 built-in modules. If you have people who are able and willing to configure and build out the website, then that's all you need. We provide lots of resources to help, including the Administrator Manual, online help system, and almost 50 video tutorials, as well as toll-free support if you still have a question.

*The one time fee includes a single upload/import of your membership databases. If you make a mistake or have any modifications, then an additional fee will apply. So it's important that you make sure your databases are accurate the first time. We will provide a template spreadsheet that contains all the fields (and any custom fields) that you need. If you need consultation during your import process please contact support. We want to make the transition as smooth (and cost effective) as possible.
Starter Pack - $960
For clubs and associations with some internal resources but who need a little help configuring the basics of their website and databases.
Learn More
  • Import the member and non-member databases
  • Support during the setup process
  • Setup member types, renewals/expirations, member wizard, and options
  • Configure additional member data questions
  • Setup a website template, design and color schemes, and page header, using the built-in tools within the Website Look and Feel function
  • Build an initial home page
  • Configure the public and member menus
  • Build a static web page template and the first 5 static web pages**
  • Configure committees, member interest groups, the document library and donations
  • Configure the event calendar
  • Configure titles and contacts
  • Configure blast emailings
  • Set up administrators and coordinators
* Note that there is considerable flexibility with these tasks. For example, if your club or association doesn’t need photos uploaded and albums built, but instead, needs a couple of ad hoc forms created, this is easily done.
Starter Pack Plus - $1540
Includes everything in the Starter Pack, plus the following:
Learn More
  • Build a static web page template and the first 10 static web pages instead of 5**
  • 2 hours of training with our Education Department
Builder Pack - $2420
For clubs and associations with more complex needs, or those who need more help configuring their website and databases. Includes everything in the Starter Pack, plus the following:
Learn More
  • Build a static web page template and the first 20 static web pages instead of 5**
  • Create a semi-custom look and feel for the website, using the built-in tools enhanced with custom CSS and JavaScript
  • Set up optional additional charges
  • Configure non-member categories
  • Upload up to 100 photos and create the first 5 photo albums
  • Set up discussion forums, surveys, and volunteering
  • Set up the E-Commerce storefront
  • Set up emailing distribution lists
* Note that there is considerable flexibility with these tasks. For example, if your club or association doesn’t need photos uploaded and albums built, but instead, needs a couple of ad hoc forms created, this is easily done.
Builder Pack Plus - $3180
Includes everything in the Builder Pack, plus the following:
Learn More
  • Build a static web page template and the first 30 static web pages instead of 20**
  • 3 hours of training with our Education Department

Extra-Cost Functions

The following modules and functions have additional one-time, annual or monthly fees. Over the years, we’ve built a number of modules to handle special or unusual club and association needs. Many of these modules were actually paid for by other clubs and associations. These modules are not part of the basic ClubExpress product but they can be enabled at any time for your club or association for additional one-time, annual, or monthly fees, depending on the module. Half of these fees is rebated to the other club or association, to reimburse them for fronting the initial investment. (The other half is retained by ClubExpress to cover our time to install and configure the module for your club or association.)

And please note that this option is available for any kind of customization. If your club or association needs a special function and you think that clubs with a similar purpose might also be interested, we can build this module for you, for a fee, then make it available to other clubs for a fee that is then partly remitted back to you to reimburse you for initially sponsoring the development cost. Who knows: if enough other clubs are interested, you end up getting the feature for free, which is exactly what happened with some of these modules!

ClubExpress Accessibility Toolkit, providing WCAG 2.1 AA Compliance - $439, Annual Fee
Making your website accessible to people who are differently abled (blind or visually impaired, motor-impaired, users with epilepsy, cognitive or learning disabilities, seniors, etc.) is increasingly important. Some experts suggest that 20-25% of the general population has some kind of difficulty using typical websites.

Website accessibility is governed by the WCAG 2.1 AA standard, promulgated by the W3C. This standard is referenced by the Americans with Disabilities Act and other national and international laws. Compliance with this standard also protects you against demand letters and lawsuits.

ClubExpress has partnered with a firm that provides a fully-automated, AI-powered tool to make your website WCAG 2.1 Level AA compliant. This tool seamlessly attaches to your website, and is accessible by clicking a floating icon in the lower right corner. See the example on this website. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to dynamically analyze a website page and apply the current settings to it. So once users make an adjustment, these settings are carried forward for as long as they are accessing the website.

Our partner normally charges $490 per year for this service. But we have arranged a 10% discount for ClubExpress customers.
Ad-Hoc Reports - $200 or $300, Annual Fee
The Ad Hoc Reporting module allows you to create and run your own reports. ExpressView allows you to quickly create reports that can then be further customized, or use the Advanced Reports function to create a complex report from scratch. Ad Hoc Reports also supports CrossTabs (pivot tables), Dashboards, and Chained Reports (multiple reports output as a single report.)

Ad Hoc Reports can use data from many parts of ClubExpress, including member and non-member information, transactions and payments, events (including individual events), donations, the E-Commerce storefront, committees, member interests, etc. You can create and save as many reports as you want and organize them into separate folders. We have also built a collection of shared reports that are available for you to run, or to copy into your private area to modify.

The higher-priced option allows you to schedule reports to run automatically and be delivered by email to a pre-defined set of users.
Banner Advertising - $12/month
Many organizations use ClubExpress because we don’t put advertising on your websites. But some clubs are interested in signing up their own advertisers who want to promote their business to club members and website visitors. This module allows you to define one or more panels that appear on every public and member page of the website. Advertisers then provide a banner ad in a pre-defined size that is then installed in the system and will then display in the designated panel as pages are viewed.
Classified Ads - $12/month
The Classified Ads module allows members to post ads on the website for items they want to sell to other members (or non-members, depending on whether the module is visible on the public side of the website.) Ads can be organized into categories and can include full descriptions, location and condition information.
Contact Log (CRM) - $40/month
This module allows club or association administrators to manage every contact with members and non-members. Each contact can be tracked by member or non-member, category, contact type, status, priority, and responsible staff member. It provides the equivalent functionality of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.
Continuing Education & Certification - $40/month
This module allows professional associations to track the different ways in which members (and, optionally, non-members) can maintain certifications by earning continuing education credits/units/points. You can define fees for exams, renewals, study materials, and classes. You can also define the length of time a certification is valid before it needs to be renewed. Then you define the different ways in which members can earn units/credits/points, including attending classes, working in their professional field, writing papers or books, presenting at conferences, volunteering on association committees, etc. You can configure events to carry continuing education credits which get added to registrants' credits when they've been marked "attended". Once the module is configured, members sign up for certifications. They can enter their professional activities in the various categories for review by the association. Supporting documentation can also be uploaded. Once a sufficient number of units/credits/points have been earned, the certificate is awarded or renewed and can even be printed from within the software. The module provides a full suite of tools to allow administrators to review and approve certifications and print certificates, welcome letters, and mailing packets.
E-Learning - $12/month
This module allows associations to define courses that members can take to earn credits toward a certificate, generally by requiring users to view one or more videos and take a corresponding quiz. Courses are presented online with a member side to select and pay for courses, view videos and take tests, and print a certificate upon completion of a course; and an administrator side to manage courses, videos, tests and other member completions. Quizzes are created in the built-in ClubExpress Ad Hoc Forms module.
Expense Reimbursements - $25/month
This module provides a way for members to submit reimbursement requests on the club’s website and for administrators to approve the requests and record payment information for them. It is fully chapter-aware; requests are made for a specific chapter and a specific project or event. Each request consists of one or more detail lines and any number of supporting documents. Approvals can be configured for an officer or an administrator at the next highest level.
Guest Passes - $40/month
This module allows members to purchase passes for their guests for a facility. It was originally developed for a private club that owns trails on which people ride motorbikes, ATVs, and UTVs. Guest passes have a fee and can be purchased in advance for a specific date and duration (one or multiple days) up to 7 days in advance. Each person receiving a pass must sign a Release/Waiver of Liability, which can be sent to them via email or text message.
Gift Discount Coupons - $12/month
This module allows members to purchase discount coupon codes to gift to other members and optionally, non-members. Gift Discount Coupons are purchased by members through their member profile. Administrators define the coupon value, availability, and usage parameters.
Group Directory - $20/month
This module displays chapters and interest groups in a single list, allowing members to sign up or leave a group. For some organizations, chapters are geographically based. But for others, chapters can serve like interest groups that charge a fee. So a club could have interest groups that members can join and leave at any time; it can also have chapters that members can join if they pay the chapter fee. This module was developed for a large seniors community with thousands of members and dozens of interest groups and clubs within the community.
Jobs Board - $15/month
This module allows professional and trade associations to post available jobs that members (and optionally non-members) can view. Members can post jobs that may or may not immediately become visible. There may be a fee to post a job and jobs will be visible for a defined period of time, with the option to renew a listing. Note that the module does not collect and distribute resumes, cover letters or applications. It does not serve as a clearing house or intermediary in any way. It does not provide an “anonymizing” service (to protect people against applying for jobs at the same company where they work.) It is not intended to replace Monster or Career Builder. Rather, it lists the jobs and provides the details on how to apply (usually the company’s website or an email address.)
Member Fleet (for Sailing/Yacht Clubs) - $12/month
This simple module lists each member and his or her boat name, length, type, and mooring no.
Member Gallery & Exhibition Widget - $25/month
The Member Galleries module allows members of a club or association to display their art in an attractive and elegant “gallery” format. It includes two views: “Grid” view shows a single image for each member, with the member’s name below. When the image is clicked, the system jumps to that member’s personal gallery, showing the selected image in a larger format. Users can then move through multiple images, each pulled from a member photo album. Below the image is a member bio and well as contact information. There is also a “List” view, showing a list of member names in alphabetical order, for each member who has a personal gallery defined. Clicking a name jumps to the same display described above.

This module also includes an “Exhibition” widget which allows admins to place a selected photo album on the home page or a custom page. Images from the selected photo gallery are displayed in a grid format. When an image is clicked a responsive lightbox is displayed, with more information about the artist/artwork and navigation arrows to view other images from the gallery.
Online Professional Development Institute (OPDI) - $200/month
This module was developed for an association that offered its own online courses, to allow members to earn continuing education units towards a certificate. Students can take a variety of courses in different tracks, focused on different knowledge domains and based on their individual career goals. Courses are presented online using the Sakai Learning Management System (LMS), an open-source platform that is one of the most respected LMS’s available.

This module interfaces with an instance of Sakai managed by the LAMP Consortium This module provides a complete management tool and single sign-on interface to a powerful online LMS. It also will require extensive customization to meet the needs of your association.
Point of Sale (POS) Integration - $250, One-Time
(plus separate fees charged by our partner)

AddMi and ClubExpress

ClubExpress has partnered with to provide a POS system that integrates with your ClubExpress database and website. Use the Addmi platform for your restaurant or bar facility, or a snack bar. Addmi will verify member identity and status, manage the purchase of food, drinks, and/or snacks, then send transactions and payments to ClubExpress, so that members can view their history of charges. Optionally allow members to maintain a tab and pay their charges weekly or monthly through your ClubExpress website. Requires Stripe integration, which is supported by both Addmi and ClubExpress.

Download Brochure
  • Addmi supports online menus using a scanned Smart QR code to detect location, portable POS devices, and registers
  • Verify member identity/status, send back name, email address, member number, etc.
  • Transactions and payments sent to ClubExpress as misc. charges
  • Receipt and itemization is emailed or texted to the member or guest
  • Works for both members and non-members
Points Tracking - $30/month
This custom module can be used by associations to simply track points/hours earned through taking professional development courses and performing other activities related to their continuing education. It allows members to request credit for events they attended or activities they performed, including the ability to upload supporting documentation. Submissions are reviewed by admins and approved or declined (with a specified reason.) Associations can define categories and whether points/hours expire after a defined period and need to be renewed.
Resource Scheduling - $20/month
The Resource Scheduling module allows clubs and associations to define physical resources that can be rented or reserved by members. This module is suitable for many different types of clubs:
  • Tennis clubs that allow members to reserve a tennis court
  • Sailing and yacht clubs or canoe/kayak clubs, with a fleet of boats that members can rent
  • Ski clubs with a lodge where members and their family can rent rooms
  • Clubs with a clubhouse that includes meeting or banquet rooms
Resources can be rented hourly or daily (such as for a sail boat or canoe), or overnight (such as for a ski lodge room). Each resource can have different properties and rental rules. The club can define a setup period before the reservation starts and a cleanup period for after the reservation finishes. Resources can have different fees at different times of the day, week, month, or year. Clubs can define a resource setup fee and different fees for members and non-members. Resources can also have blocks of time where the resource is not available, perhaps for maintenance or repairs. A reservation can include more than one resource reserved at the same or at different times.
Ride Cue Sheets - $15/month
Cue Sheets document the various rides in a region. Each ride is categorized by properties such as name, location, starting point, distance, vertical ascent, and a measure of difficulty. Search functions allow members to find an appropriate ride, each of which also includes a downloadable PDF with the ride map and turn-by-turn directions. The module also includes Ride With GPS support. This module was developed for a cycling club but it can also be used by other trail-based clubs such as horseback riding and snowmobile clubs.
Ride Log - $15/month
Many cycling clubs run competitions to see which members ride the most miles or kilometers in a year, or the most number of rides; or which members lead the most number of rides. This module tracks these statistics for each rider in a club.
Single Sign-On (SSO) - $200, One-Time
Use this SSO option to allow members to log into your ClubExpress website, then jump over to a different website (such as a 3rd-party discussion forum) where they will already be logged in and the other website will know who they are. We use the OAuth protocol to enable SSO.
Task Manager - $20/month
This module can be used by any organization that has tasks or projects that need to be managed, such as clubs with physical facilities or equipment that need maintenance or repairs; association members reporting problems that need to be be resolved; or special projects that need to be managed. It's especially suitable for homeowner and condo associations, and retirement communities with extensive facilities.

The Task Manager allows admins to create tasks with an assigned category and sub-category, location and sub-location, priority, and responsible staff person. Tasks can have sub-tasks, each with its own category, location, priority, etc. They can also have attachments, including photos and documents that explain or show the task and its management. Tasks will run through a series of status values as they are created, assigned, worked, completed, closed, and archived. Notes can be entered for each task. An option will allow members to submit tasks that must be handled by administrators.
Trail Maps/Status - $15/month
This module was designed for a state snowmobile association. It tracks every major trail in a defined area, showing the trail status, snowfall, base, trail conditions and other relevant information. Users have the option of downloading a trail map in a PDF file. This module is potentially suitable for other outdoor sports clubs, including cross-country skiing, mountain biking, off-road vehicle clubs, and horseback riding clubs.
Two Passwords - $10/month
The Federal Government now requires increased security requirements for websites that are used by federal employees, especially those people employed in sensitive situations (for example, the US State Department.) To satisfy this requirement, we now offer a double password login system, which can be limited to selected member type(s). When these members log in using their standard username and password, the system will test the member type and if an appropriate type is found, a second password screen will be displayed. Members will not be able to login until a valid second password is provided. Unlike the primary password, this second password cannot be “remembered”; it must be entered every time.
Virtual Membership Cards - $400, One-Time
Virtual Membership Cards with Embedded Member Photo - $600, One-Time
ClubExpress provides a feature that allows members to download a virtual membership card. This card can have any design the club wants and can include many fields from the database, including first name, last name, member number (optionally as a bar-code), member type, date joined, date expired, etc. It can also optionally include a photo of the member for a higher fee (because it's a little more complex to set up.) Cards can also be made available for spouses, and secondary and tertiary members.
Volunteer Self-Signup - $600, One-Time
This module lets Villages display select open Service Requests to vetted Service Providers on your website for self-signup. Member volunteers sign in with their existing username and password and can select Service Requests from an option on your menu. Non-member volunteers are assigned a special username and password to allow them to access the feature and sign up for open Service Requests. The module also allows member and non-member volunteers to manage their own weekly and vacation schedules, and their own emergency contacts.

Volunteer Self-Signup is a "pull" model, where volunteers for requests are "pulled" in to view and sign up for open requests. This model differs from the "push" method in the built-in Automated Open Request (AOR) emails. AOR allows Villages to send ("push") automatic emails to volunteers with links to sign up for open Service Requests.
Web Services - $200, One-Time
This is a membership verification service. It can be used from a separate website to verify whether someone is an active member of the club or association, based on either their username and password, or their email address and first name, or their email address and member number.

The Web Service also makes available a JSON file that includes basic member data. Experienced developers can use this to create dynamic custom pages showing member data in different formats.

PAYMENT Processing

For most organizations in the US, a merchant account is built into the website, allowing you to accept credit cards online for memberships, event registrations, donations, and other charges. The funds flow to us and then we securely deposit them directly into your bank account, three times a month (on the 10th, 20th, and last day of each month.)

Merchant Processing Fees Per Transaction:
All card brands (Visa, MC, Discover, Amex): 2.99% + 20¢

ClubExpress also supports PayPal. When members and/or non-members select the PayPal option the funds are transferred from the user's PayPal account or bank account or a credit card, into your PayPal account.
Direct Funds to Separate Accounts
A powerful ClubExpress feature is the ability to split credit card payments into different bank accounts for you. For example, payments for the annual conference registration, or payments distributed to a chapter or region. Credit card fees can also be charged from the same bank account used to receive the remitted funds.
No Per-Transaction Fee
ClubExpress does not charge your club or association a separate "per transaction" fee, as do some of our competitors! (Their pricing suddenly gets a lot more expensive when you add in the per-transaction fees charged for each member signup, renewal, event registration, donation, etc.)
You Don't Need Your Own Merchant Account
But ClubExpress does support clubs and associations that have or want their own merchant account.

Learn more about credit card processing.

Design Options

Custom Design from Scratch - $CALL FOR PRICING
Work with an in-house designer to create a fully customized look and feel for your website. This option includes building out the overall site template, custom styles, the home page, and a template custom web page. It does not include converting multiple pages from your old website into the new template. Includes up to 3 mockups; additional mockups are $300 each. Let's talk before we start so we can understand your needs and expectations.
Custom Design from a Third Party Designer - $CALL FOR PRICING
Provide us with an image of what you want the website to look like, or a design created by your own designer. We will convert that into a custom look and feel for your website. This option includes building out the overall site template, custom styles, the home page, and a template custom web page. It does not include converting multiple pages from your old website into the new template.
Current Website Design Moved to ClubExpress - $CALL FOR PRICING
Convert a look and feel from another platform (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Weebly, Wix, etc.) into a ClubExpress template. This option includes building out the overall site template, custom styles, the home page, and a template custom web page. It does not include converting multiple pages from your old website into the new template. Note that this option applies to relatively simple/straightforward websites. For highly customized or unusual websites, we will need to review the design and prepare a custom quote.
Semi-Custom Design - $1200
Configure an elegant and clean website template and Home page, using the built-in tools and including some custom CSS, JavaScript, Marquee options, etc. Includes redesigning the home page and a template static web page.
Design Starter/Refresh - $600
Configure an elegant and clean website template and Home page for your club or association using the built-in tools and options. Does not include custom CSS or JavaScript effects.

Other Options

Enable Quickbooks Integration - $20/month
Enable QuickBooks for Windows (QBW) or QuickBooks Online (QBO) Integration.
SSL Certificate
In "Always Secure" mode, purchase an SSL Certificate so that your domain name always appears in the address bar using https://
  • 1-year certificate: $45
  • 2-year certificate: $80
  • 3-year certificate: $111
  • 4-year certificate: $140
  • 5-year certificate: $160
Convert Additional Pages from your old website
These options should be used in conjunction with the Setup Packs described here. They allow you to add more pages that need to be converted as part of a Setup Pack.
  • 5 additional static web pages: $200
  • 10 additional static web pages: $360
(Highly complex static web pages with special effects using JavaScript and/or CSS may be counted as 2 or more pages when calculating the number of pages that can be built as part of this option.)

Printed Renewal Notices
Printed renewal notices to members without an email address: Postage + $0.60
Check Processing
Checks sent to us for processing instead of a POBox or someone's home: $1.00/ck., plus postage if checks are mailed to the club for deposit.
Virtual Membership Cards - $400, One-Time
Virtual Membership Cards with Embedded Member Photo - $600, One-Time
ClubExpress provides a feature that allows members to download a virtual membership card. This card can have any design the club wants and can include many fields from the database, including first name, last name, member number (optionally as a bar-code), member type, date joined, date expired, etc. It can also optionally include a photo of the member for a higher fee (because it's a little more complex to set up.) Cards can also be made available for spouses, and secondary and tertiary members.
Webinar Training
Training Class by webinar for staff members/volunteers: $120/hr 
  • 3 hour Training Pack: $324 - a 10% discount
  • 5 hour Training Pack: $510 - a 15% discount
On-site Training
Training Class on site: $1000/day + travel exp. (Not currently available due to the Coronavirus pandemic.)
Custom Programming: $CALL
Many clubs and associations need a custom module or enhancement to fill a specific business need. ClubExpress will work with you to define your needs and will write up a specification for the proposed functionality. Once you have approved it, we will provide a fixed price quote to implement this functionality.  

Custom modules written for other clubs and associations can be added to your ClubExpress website for a one-time fee (which is shared with the club or association that originally paid for this functionality to be written.) For a complete list, see the Extra Cost Features Manual.
"Webmaster for Hire": $CALL
ClubExpress provides all the tools you need to perform the ongoing tasks listed below, without needing a programmer. But some clubs or associations want help performing these tasks on a day-to-day basis. So we also offer optional monthly maintenance to help you manage the following types of tasks:
  • Updating the home page
  • Updating other website content
  • Posting news items
  • Uploading photos and building photo pages
  • Uploading documents
  • Creating events
  • Updating committees, interests, contacts, etc.

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