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More than 5000 members, please call to discuss your needs: 1-866-HLP-CLUB or 1-847-255-0210

At ClubExpress, we believe in keeping pricing simple, so that each club or association has a clear idea up front of what it will pay for our products and services. So we don't confuse things with multiple versions and we certainly don't put all the good stuff into special "premium" packages. Everything described on this website is included in the above rates.

How Fees Work
This fee is charged monthly per active member in the database. At the end of each month, we count the number of primary active members in the database for your organization, multiply it by the fee, then do the same for secondary members (see below), and withdraw the net amount from your bank account. This fee then covers the following month of service. There is no long-term contract; you can cancel at any time and will owe nothing.

If your club or association provides "family" or "business" memberships, with a primary member account and people attached to the account, ClubExpress supports "secondary" memberships (with the ability to login) that are charged at half the rate of the primary or solo members, and "tertiary" memberships (without the ability to login) that are not charged at all.

With ClubExpress, you don't pay for Expired members; the fee above is for currently paid up members only. (But we leave the expired members in the database in case they come back later to renew their memberships and become active again. You also don't pay for the Non-Member Database of additional contacts.

There is a minimum monthly fee of $20 (equivalent to 50 members.)
Setup Fee Options
There are three setup fee options:

Basic Setup - $150
  • Support
  • Importing the member & non-member databases
  • Enabling QuickBooks support is an additional $100
Basic Setup gives you access to all the features of ClubExpress. If you have people who are willing to spend the time configuring and building out the website, then that's all you need. We provide lots of resources to help, including the Administrator Manual, online help system, and almost 50 video tutorials, as well as toll-free support if you still have a question. The two options below are only if you want us to help configure and build out the website for you.

Website Starter Pack - $960 - Includes the above plus these typical tasks:
  • Set up member types, renewal/expiration settings, membership options, the membership wizard, and additional member questions
  • Set up your website template & theme
  • Create a nice page header
  • Build the home page
  • Configure menus
  • Build up to 5 custom pages
  • Configure the committees, interests, contacts, document library, and donations functions
  • Configure the event calendar categories, registrant types, locations, defaults
  • Configure emailing categories
  • Upload a reports logo
  • Set up administrators
  • The separate QuickBooks setup fee is waived
Website Builder Pack - $1920 - Includes the above plus these typical tasks:
  • Setup additional charges
  • Configure the non-member database
  • Build up to 20 custom pages
  • Upload up to 100 photos and build up to 5 photo pages
  • Additional event calendar setup
  • Setup discussion forums
  • Setup surveys
  • Setup the E-Commerce storefront, including merchant account
  • Setup emailing distribution lists
  • Setup coordinators
We also offer options to help with custom templates, for a unique look and feel to your website. You can work with your own designer or with our in-house designer to create a website template that uniquely reflects the brand and image you want to project.

We also offer monthly maintenance plans to help you manage your website, including:
  • Updating the home page
  • Updating content boxes
  • Building and updating custom web pages
  • Uploading photos and building photo pages
  • Uploading documents
  • Creating events
  • Updating committees, interests, contacts, etc.
Contact us for more information.
Merchant Accounts
A merchant account is built into the website, allowing you to accept credit cards online for memberships, event registrations, donations, and other charges.

We also support clubs and associations that have or want their own merchant account.

However, please note that we cannot currently accept clubs and associations outside the US, since we can only process transactions and fees in US$ drawn on a US bank account.
What We Don't Charge For
Web site hosting; it's included!

Internet traffic (bandwidth). Make your web site as busy as you want.

Disk space. Your web site can be as large as you need.

Photos. Upload as many high-res photos on your site as you want. Documents and videos also.

Emails. Send as many emails to members and non-members as you want.

Technical Support. ClubExpress includes unlimited toll-free support for admins and members!

Expired members. Their information stays in the database in case they renew.

The non-member mailing list, as long as it's reasonably in proportion to the size of the active member database. (If not, please contact us to discuss your specific situation.)
What people are saying about ClubExpress:
I am impressed and grateful for the wonderful support I have received from ClubExpress. I will be the first to let our board and membership know that we made the right decision in choosing you.
Antoinette Berthelotte
Idyllwild Garden Club, CA
(60 members)